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Printing in Gutsy

October 30, 2007

There is a kid in my programming class who has been having a nightmare getting Java installed on his computer at home. We’re in our 9th week of school and he still cannot get Java to install. My professor and I both suggested he try Linux, as it’s easier to do… almost everything. He didn’t seem to take our advice as he’s still having problems. Tomorrow I’m going to give him the Gutsy CD Jim gave me at Sunday night’s Gutsy Release party, along with a printout of our wiki page of Ubuntu resources. I upgraded my two pcs to Gutsy recently. My laptop has been running gutsy since tribe 3, but my tower, which is the family computer, needs to be stable or else my mom has a fit (as well she should), so it just got the upgrade a few nights ago. After the upgrade (which went more or less smoothly, we lost internet about halfway through so I had some dpkg stuff to play with), my printers were still there, smashing! Everything worked. I decided to test gutsy’s new printing dialog so i deleted my Canon MP160 printer (which was a bear to set up in feisty/edgy), and reinstall it. I just plugged it in and it worked!! The end!! Now my laptop did not have anything on it. Just as before, setting up the sharing had been a bit of a pain in the past, so, I set the printer to shared from my PC, enabled my laptop to look for shared printer, and voila! I had a canon mp160 I could print to!! Brilliant! Why again do we not have market share? Can windows do this? As far as I can recall, printers in windows are a PITA. Drivers to download, random manufacturer utilities, the list goes on and on. The scanner part of my printer even works! How great is that! My mom is very happy, as am I. Once again, Ubuntu wins, but the credit goes to the Gnome/Ubuntu team who got this new printing system hooked up, I can’t wait to see what kinds of awesome things show up in Hardy.