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Yo peace out wordpress

January 3, 2008

I’m moving to blogger. I’ve got a major love for google, and their tools are just always better. Sorry WordPress. I’m not digging it, at least for a hosted blog. If someday I want to host my own, I’ll be back. I promise. So here’s my new Blogger blog. (unfortunately lamalex was taken 😦



Yo M. Scott I got your back

December 14, 2007

(If you are reading this via a planet or other feed like that, that should be a youtube video. Head over to my actual blog to see it)

Becoming Asexual

December 13, 2007

Does anyone have any tips on fully repressing one’s sexuality? I’d like to become completely and totally asexual. Imagine how much more work you could get done if you had no sexual urges, and the hurt you could avoid if you didn’t have any romantic involvement or longing for such. You could just have very good friends, and never be distracted by that beautiful girl who is inevitably going to lie to you and break your heart. Wouldn’t it be great if it was as simple as a surgical operation? Or some sort of medication? Please science, offer up a cure to sexuality; get cracking on cloning so that sexual reproduction is no longer needed and then start administering us the cure through our drinking water. We’ll all be much better off.

This is me in a nutshell right now

December 11, 2007

utahraptor's modified sentences are pretty much how i end most of my conversations

Facebook App Idea

November 22, 2007

So for a while now I’ve been wanting to write up a Facebook app but haven’t been able to think of anything to write. Finally have an idea!! My friend is having a party Friday night, and he had invited me on Facebook. I had forgotten when the party started, so then I was going to add his party to my Google Calendar when I had a ‘Eureka!’ Google Calendar + Facebook events app! Have events you RSVP to on Facebook, added to your Google Calendar, and depending on your RSVP (attending or maybe attending), set your busy status on GCal. I did a quick look through the available apps that have google in them, and didn’t see anything that did what I want to do. If someone finds one let me know so I don’t waste my time. Maybe I’ll just use theirs, or improve it if it’s needed. So off I go to learn the GData protocol, and the Facebook API. I’ll give some reports as time goes on. This isn’t a priority so development will probably be pretty slow.

Please, Walk on the Right

September 11, 2007

Please, America and those visiting America from other nations; walk on the right hand side of the sidewalk. Between classes I like to sit in busy sections of campus (today it’s raining so I’m blogging instead), and watch people interact. One of the things I notice most how most people walk on the right, but a non-trivial number of people walk on the left, causing issues such as collisions, and slowing the flow of traffic. I’m a computer science student, efficiency is my game; however safety is everyone’s responsibility. Walking on the left has no real benefit, ignoring the status quo just to do so is slowing everyone down and causing accidents. This is the standard in the U.S., cars drive on the right, so we should walk on the right. I realize that right hand side vs. left hand side is arbitrary, but at some point in our history we chose right. Let’s stick with it. Yes, I realize there are exceptions, when walking on the street, one should always walk against traffic, on the left.

Spiral Staircases are an interesting situation. People have a tendency to want to walk on the inside of the staircase as this is a shorter distance. I’m inclined to want to make this one of the exceptions, where one should walk on the left, however that creates a nasty crossover zone at the bottom of the stairs which would most likely cause undue congestion. I think we’re just going to need to suck it up while walking up spiral staircases. The extra distance is trivial, if the extra distance bothers you, you could probably use the extra distance in that case. Decision: please just stay on the right.

Wow, worst day of my life probably.

July 6, 2007

Planet Hoagie closed. This sounds trivial, but Planet Hoagie made the best hoagies on planet earth, no joke. This new tuna hoagies sucks ass. It’s just generic tuna salad, not even good tuna salad. WTF I’M PISSED. I used to have nightmares about moving away from Philly and not being able to find a comparable hoagie, now those nightmares are true and I didn’t even move. I’m boycotting Collegeville Deli II. I am happy for Duke though, he was the owner so he probably made a few bucks. Let me start at the beginning, Planet Hoagie has the best bread man will ever eat, I’m sorry Jim, your bread is good, but this bread was godly. I was crusty outside but soft inside, coated in sesame seeds, and baked fresh daily by a little old italian man in Philly. It didn’t get better than that bread, this new bread is generic hoagie roll, it’s tough and chewy. 2nd, I love tuna, it’s my favourite food. I really can’t pick between tuna (as in the canned variety, although I do love fresh fish) and avocado. Planet hoagie had the best tuna I’ve ever had. They didn’t mix their tuna hoagies, it was like, mayo on the bread, and then italian tuna, and then lettuce. TO DIE FOR. It sounds weird, but it was amazing, no other tuna sandwich has ever come close. Not only was the tuna amazing, but the Italian hoagies were amazing, the hot hoagies were amazing (particularly the North Carolina pulled pork), and the salads were amazing. Please Duke, open a new planet hoagie, or give me the name and phone number of your suppliers and I will open planet hoagie. I’ve been going there since you opened and I can’t get enough. This really might be the worst day ever. Collegeville Deli (all of them, not just II): You are on my list. I would rather starve to death than eat one of your tainted hoagies.

Great install-fest!

June 3, 2007

Yesterday was finally the install-fest. After about a month and half of planning and getting prepared, the time finally came we were as ready as we could have been. We had some complications — note to MS: STOP BEING DICKS. MAKE YOUR FILE SYSTEM RESIZE EASIER. Kevin and I ran into quite a few problems resizing ntfs partitions but we managed to get them all solved. Jim brought some awesome Ubuntu bread. He has his baker’s bake loaves of bread in the shape of the Ubuntu logo, very nice Jim (did anyone get pictures of that?). We did about 20-30 installs, people were calling their friends to come and having a really good time, thanks to everyone who came out. I made a few friends and met a lot of very nice people.

After the install-fest I went down to the Phillies-Giants game. I’m not a baseball fan but Gabby’s family invited me and I had a blast! Her cousin Alex and family friend Joe and their families were all there and it was a blast. Joe is such a cute little kid. Earlier that day Gabby’s family with Alex and Joe went to the Philly Zoo, they had a lot to say about that. Alex’s face was painted like a tiger which got him and only him on the big screen, we all kind of think the camera man thought the facepaint was ketchup and mustard. It was kind of smudged after sweating all day.

Great day, thanks pennsylvania loco team and the Eisenhower clan for making this an awesome weekend.


April 30, 2007

Should I get a tattoo?

so this is a picture made with gimp (and not made well) of me at F(x)’s show in lewistown, PA. Picture is courtesy of our friend Dana but the question is SHOULD I GET AN ANCHOR TAT?? In other news I totally bought a new bike this weekend. IT’S SICK!! It’s a fixed/single-speed flip bike-of-my-dreams style bike. It’s pretty much a rip-off Bianchi Pista. It’s a beautiful bike. I went to firehouse bikes Saturday Morning after the PA Loco group pre-meeting (which was very productive) and there it was, It was way too much money, but I really needed a new bike, well, I wanted one. I’m glad I did though. It’s like riding a cloud. I’ll post some pics soon.

:'( I hope my dad never dies

April 28, 2007

I woke up this morning crying my eyes out after a dream about my dad dying. It was very sad as my dad and I have a really good relationship i.e. he makes stupid jokes and I eat the fruit he was saving for his lunch. I’m thinking that dream was caused by the pizza I ate at 10:30 last night literally covered in salt, pepper, oregano, and hot pepper flakes. It was worth it though. That was a good pizza. If you’re every hungry for pizzeria style food (not necessarily, but including pizza) in North Philadelphia try the Owl’s nest. A small (12″) pizza is $5!! Today is the PA Ubuntu Loco
Install fest pre-meeting. I’m excited; I think Kevin has some really good ideas and I have some of my own …and after that… NEW BIKE!!! My current Peugeot is coming to the end of the road. My bottom bracket is jacked up again and it’s getting harder and harder to ride, I think the malformed spindle is also messing up the ball bearings because if I ride too fast the front crank locks up and I can’t pedal. I’m just glad it’s a free-wheel and not a fixed gear or else I’d get pwnd by cars. It’s going to be hard to part with my current bike (named Bikey DiMayo after my annoying neighbor from back home). We’ve had a lot of good times. It was passed down to me from my very close friend/roommate Shaw who had it passed down to him from our High School health teacher Paul Kent who was recently almost fired due to a Facebook group, “Everything I Know about Sex I learned from Mr. Kent,” which included stories about some of the things Mr. Kent used to say during class and the 1000 time he’s been caught with pr0n on his desktop. Anyway; the bike will be hard to part with but a new much lighter bike will be a welcomed change. Bikey is a 1979 Steel Frame. He’s solid as hell, but that’s part of the problem. Last week I rode Shaw’s Aluminum single-speed and zomg, it was like riding on a cloud.

This is Bikey and Shaw’s bike in the closet.

please; if you’re a philadelphia cop, please do not dismantle my bike 😦