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Album Review: Minus the Bear – Planet of Ice

November 19, 2007
Artists: Minus the

Album: Planet of Ice

Label: Suicide Squeeze

Year: 2007

Good’ns: Ice Monster, Knight, White Mystery, Double Vision Quest

Not-so-good’ns: Dr. L’Ling


Planet of Ice is
the Bear’s latest release. Released in 2007 on
Suicide Squeeze, this is by far the band’s greatest release yet.
This album is pure sex, and I don’t mean to say that in the way
that kids in high school would replace ‘cool’ with ‘sex’, I mean
that this album is full of not-so-subtle sexual undertones. I have
to admit that while listening to it I was/am getting pretty
excited. It was a long train ride. One of Minus the Bear’s
strengths has always been their very unique
jazzy-progressive-math-rock sound. They have nailed the atmosphere
of a dimly lit hipster party full of coked out fashionistas
perfectly. This Album is no exception to that. The songs just make
you want to find a partner and slow jam your way into their room
and remain there for the rest of the evening and well into the
next day. I’m a sucker for a good lead synth line, not going to
lie. Minus the Bear’s synth has in the past been fairly subtle but
in this album they let the synth take the lead more and they
certainly made the right choice. Synth intros and bridges give the
songs a colder eerier feel than a guitar part would. The
synthesized leads on top of the rhythmically complex guitar, bass,
and drum parts are what creates the abstracted math-rock
coke-party atmosphere I mentioned earlier. Not helping my already
excited libido is the cold and smooth voice of Jake Snider. This
is a voice that could convince anyone to leave the party and head
back to his place. Certainly not someone I would not want my
girlfriend to be talking to at a party, as I would probably not be
seeing her again after that. Not that I could blame her. My final
thoughts on the album – love it. I highly recommend anyone who
enjoys really tight progressive math-rock pick up this album as
soon as you can. Advisably before your next date. Make sure Double
Vision Quest is playing when your date gets in the car, and by the
time White Mystery comes on, it will be a sure thing. I’m having
trouble coping with the fact that I’m alone and blogging a review
of the album rather than on a hot date right now. Jake Snider
where are you when I need you…




June 25, 2007


source: Lookout! Records

Seriously you can’t understand how excited I am. American Steel are hands down, the best punk band EVER. Classic Bay Area punk from the Glory Days of Lookout! Records. Their first album is the most amazing punk album I’ve ever heard, it’s out of print unfortunately, so if you don’t have a copy looks like you’re shit out of luck and I bet since they’re getting back together they’ll be snapped up on eBay.  I’ve got chills man. Seriously, they better tour after this album and they better not just play new shit, if I don’t hear Fargo someone’s losing a limb.