Please, Walk on the Right

Please, America and those visiting America from other nations; walk on the right hand side of the sidewalk. Between classes I like to sit in busy sections of campus (today it’s raining so I’m blogging instead), and watch people interact. One of the things I notice most how most people walk on the right, but a non-trivial number of people walk on the left, causing issues such as collisions, and slowing the flow of traffic. I’m a computer science student, efficiency is my game; however safety is everyone’s responsibility. Walking on the left has no real benefit, ignoring the status quo just to do so is slowing everyone down and causing accidents. This is the standard in the U.S., cars drive on the right, so we should walk on the right. I realize that right hand side vs. left hand side is arbitrary, but at some point in our history we chose right. Let’s stick with it. Yes, I realize there are exceptions, when walking on the street, one should always walk against traffic, on the left.

Spiral Staircases are an interesting situation. People have a tendency to want to walk on the inside of the staircase as this is a shorter distance. I’m inclined to want to make this one of the exceptions, where one should walk on the left, however that creates a nasty crossover zone at the bottom of the stairs which would most likely cause undue congestion. I think we’re just going to need to suck it up while walking up spiral staircases. The extra distance is trivial, if the extra distance bothers you, you could probably use the extra distance in that case. Decision: please just stay on the right.


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