West Chester Night Ride; Howto stop on a fixed gear

Tonight I rode into West Chester to go riding with Pat, Brendan, and their friends, Wyett, Chris, and Taylor. I’ve hung out with Pat and Brendan a few time before but I just met the others, they were pretty cool. It was a lot of fun, we rode all over West Chester. I think we did something like 8 miles, which isn’t that much. I probably did a total of 20-25 today though which isn’t bad, hopefully do the same tomorrow. The best part of tonight though: I LEARNED HOW TO SKID STOP! Brendan made me switch from freewheel to fixed gear for the second half of the ride, which was a lot of fun. I haven’t ridden fixed gear in a long time, it felt good. It’s really easy to do once you know how, I was suprised with how easy it is. here’s how to do it.

Step 1.) Put all of your weight forward, lean as far forward as you feel comfortable, the farther forward you lean and the more weight you take off of the back of the bike, the easier you’ll skid but it will also take longer to stop, so keep that in mind.

Step 2.) When your pedals are parallel to the ground (or close enough, whatever feels comfortable), Lock your front knee, and push with your rear foot, hold it while the back wheel locks and you skid.

IT’S SO MUCH FUN. Brendan is really good at it, I’m going to get good. I also need to learn to track stand better. I can do it a little but not for more than ~30 seconds and only sometimes. We’re riding again tomorrow so I’ll probably ride the whole thing fixed since now I can skid and stop better.

Saturday is the LoCo interview at 1420 WCOJ. 8am, Philadelphia area.


4 Responses to “West Chester Night Ride; Howto stop on a fixed gear”

  1. calvin Says:

    thanks for the 2-step skid stop program, it pretty much worked on my first attempt (=


  2. lamalex Says:

    lol, yeah it’s pretty simple. Skipping is a better way to stop, and nothing beats a brake right?

  3. digital-glamour.com Says:

    Digital Studio Modeling

    hey cool stuff

  4. james Says:

    haha this was number 3 on “how to skid stop” on google.

    I thought I should learn since I cut my brakes.

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