Wow, worst day of my life probably.

Planet Hoagie closed. This sounds trivial, but Planet Hoagie made the best hoagies on planet earth, no joke. This new tuna hoagies sucks ass. It’s just generic tuna salad, not even good tuna salad. WTF I’M PISSED. I used to have nightmares about moving away from Philly and not being able to find a comparable hoagie, now those nightmares are true and I didn’t even move. I’m boycotting Collegeville Deli II. I am happy for Duke though, he was the owner so he probably made a few bucks. Let me start at the beginning, Planet Hoagie has the best bread man will ever eat, I’m sorry Jim, your bread is good, but this bread was godly. I was crusty outside but soft inside, coated in sesame seeds, and baked fresh daily by a little old italian man in Philly. It didn’t get better than that bread, this new bread is generic hoagie roll, it’s tough and chewy. 2nd, I love tuna, it’s my favourite food. I really can’t pick between tuna (as in the canned variety, although I do love fresh fish) and avocado. Planet hoagie had the best tuna I’ve ever had. They didn’t mix their tuna hoagies, it was like, mayo on the bread, and then italian tuna, and then lettuce. TO DIE FOR. It sounds weird, but it was amazing, no other tuna sandwich has ever come close. Not only was the tuna amazing, but the Italian hoagies were amazing, the hot hoagies were amazing (particularly the North Carolina pulled pork), and the salads were amazing. Please Duke, open a new planet hoagie, or give me the name and phone number of your suppliers and I will open planet hoagie. I’ve been going there since you opened and I can’t get enough. This really might be the worst day ever. Collegeville Deli (all of them, not just II): You are on my list. I would rather starve to death than eat one of your tainted hoagies.


5 Responses to “Wow, worst day of my life probably.”

  1. jedijf Says:

    You’re in business!!

  2. Duke Says:

    Just saw this post. Glad to see a great review about our former store… I really liked the bussiness, but competition was tough, rent kept goin up, and so on..
    If you reply back I will give you the name of our former food supplier, they should be happy to sell you the Italian tuna….. If possible tell me who this is..
    Again thanks for the great review.. Try out Primo Hoagie, they have the same menu….

  3. lamalex Says:

    Haha wow. I can’t believe you found this Duke, that’s wild. This is Alex, the red haired kid who worked at ACE Technology Group up the street. I love Primos, and I’m back to living in Philly now so that’s usually where I get my Italian tuna these days. There’s a Primos in Paoli too, but when I wrote this, a long time ago, there was nothing comparable in the area. I’d love to find out where I can order myself some of that tuna, even though yours are still the best tuna hoagies I’ve ever eaten.

  4. Duke Says:

    Hey Alex,
    Good to hear from you. The phone # for the food supplier–610-485-7710.
    Ask for Frank Gallagher(spell check that one)LOL Tell him you want a case of
    3 ounce or 6 ounce cans of Italian Tuna.. They might be able to UPS or Fed Ex
    it to you… Tell Frank I said for you to call him.. Use my name when you talk to him.. He is a really good guy, so if you have a credit card & he can ship you the product you will get your tuna.. Since you live in Philly, get your bread at Sarconnes or another Italian bread baker. Best bet try Italian Market Street..
    Best of luck to you Alex… Keep me posted.. You still riding your bike alot..Great
    way to stay in shape….

  5. ekspekt Says:

    interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

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