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Portland — Not as cool as Philly.

July 26, 2007

So currently I’m on vacation. I’m exploring the west coast. I started in Portland, OR for the Ubuntu Live conference (which was awesome, but not worth the $600 I would have had to pay if I wasn’t a student). There was a lot of cool stuff and cool people there. They keynotes were very good. I’m not going to go in depth about the conference because people were blogging it all around me. You can probably find 100 blogs about it. So each day I spent a few hours after the conference exploring Portland. It’s a pretty cool city, but for how much hype surrounds it, it’s not that cool. Everyone says Portland is Bike City, USA, but from what I saw, they’re all a bunch of pussies. They all (yes I’m generalizing) ride cruisers and stuff, I only saw a few fixies riding around. They don’t even do critical mass anymore!?!? WTF is that. They have bike lanes and bike friendly riding so they feel like Critical Mass isn’t necessary. WEAK. Really, Portland, you guys are /not/ hardcore. Now you can get on my case about having a blog post about learning to skid stop and not being able to track stand for more than 30 seconds, but I’m learning, I just started riding fixed at the end of May. And I jumped right in and started riding fixed around Philly, up and down Broad Street, I never got coddled with Bike Lanes and cars who are afraid to hit you. Other than how /weak/ bikes in Portland are, the city was pretty cool. I met some cool kids including one kid named Nick who was nice. Oh, and in general, Portland isn’t a very good looking city. Most people I saw were pretty average looking, why would I want to move somewhere where I’m exponentially more attractive than the majority of the population, that’s just asking for trouble.

Tuesday night I took the Amtrak up to Seattle, where I am now. Amtrak trains (at least the one I was one) are very uncomfortable. I’m not looking forward to the 22 hour ride to San Francisco. The good part about the train sucking was that I couldn’t sleep so I a) finished my book and b) made friends with the chick next to me. She was pretty cool. I think her name was Sara? Something like that. We just chatted for most of the ride, made it go by much quicker.

So finally we made it to Seattle, WHICH ROCKS!! Seattle is wwaayy better that Portland. I was talking to some kid I met on the street, he was telling me their last critical mass had around 1000 people and they took over an entire highway!!! That’s epic as hell. I’m so stoked for this Friday. Unfortunately I have to ride my cousin’s mountain bike instead of my own bike, but transporting a bike via plane is a major hassle. I also went up in the Space Needle.Space Needle Very cool, but pretty expensive. It was close to $20 to go up, I did get some epic shots though. The lady who works there pointing stuff out said you can see Bill Gate’s house from the telescope, I asked her were Steve Balmer lives (so I can egg his house), but she didn’t know. Finally, Seattle is WAY better looking that Portland. Everywhere you look there are attractive people (men and women) hanging out. Feels like home.

So conclusion: Seattle – Very Cool. Portland – Not nearly as cool as it’s hyped to be. Philly – What every city should aspire to be like.

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West Chester Night Ride; Howto stop on a fixed gear

July 13, 2007

Tonight I rode into West Chester to go riding with Pat, Brendan, and their friends, Wyett, Chris, and Taylor. I’ve hung out with Pat and Brendan a few time before but I just met the others, they were pretty cool. It was a lot of fun, we rode all over West Chester. I think we did something like 8 miles, which isn’t that much. I probably did a total of 20-25 today though which isn’t bad, hopefully do the same tomorrow. The best part of tonight though: I LEARNED HOW TO SKID STOP! Brendan made me switch from freewheel to fixed gear for the second half of the ride, which was a lot of fun. I haven’t ridden fixed gear in a long time, it felt good. It’s really easy to do once you know how, I was suprised with how easy it is. here’s how to do it.

Step 1.) Put all of your weight forward, lean as far forward as you feel comfortable, the farther forward you lean and the more weight you take off of the back of the bike, the easier you’ll skid but it will also take longer to stop, so keep that in mind.

Step 2.) When your pedals are parallel to the ground (or close enough, whatever feels comfortable), Lock your front knee, and push with your rear foot, hold it while the back wheel locks and you skid.

IT’S SO MUCH FUN. Brendan is really good at it, I’m going to get good. I also need to learn to track stand better. I can do it a little but not for more than ~30 seconds and only sometimes. We’re riding again tomorrow so I’ll probably ride the whole thing fixed since now I can skid and stop better.

Saturday is the LoCo interview at 1420 WCOJ. 8am, Philadelphia area.

Wow, worst day of my life probably.

July 6, 2007

Planet Hoagie closed. This sounds trivial, but Planet Hoagie made the best hoagies on planet earth, no joke. This new tuna hoagies sucks ass. It’s just generic tuna salad, not even good tuna salad. WTF I’M PISSED. I used to have nightmares about moving away from Philly and not being able to find a comparable hoagie, now those nightmares are true and I didn’t even move. I’m boycotting Collegeville Deli II. I am happy for Duke though, he was the owner so he probably made a few bucks. Let me start at the beginning, Planet Hoagie has the best bread man will ever eat, I’m sorry Jim, your bread is good, but this bread was godly. I was crusty outside but soft inside, coated in sesame seeds, and baked fresh daily by a little old italian man in Philly. It didn’t get better than that bread, this new bread is generic hoagie roll, it’s tough and chewy. 2nd, I love tuna, it’s my favourite food. I really can’t pick between tuna (as in the canned variety, although I do love fresh fish) and avocado. Planet hoagie had the best tuna I’ve ever had. They didn’t mix their tuna hoagies, it was like, mayo on the bread, and then italian tuna, and then lettuce. TO DIE FOR. It sounds weird, but it was amazing, no other tuna sandwich has ever come close. Not only was the tuna amazing, but the Italian hoagies were amazing, the hot hoagies were amazing (particularly the North Carolina pulled pork), and the salads were amazing. Please Duke, open a new planet hoagie, or give me the name and phone number of your suppliers and I will open planet hoagie. I’ve been going there since you opened and I can’t get enough. This really might be the worst day ever. Collegeville Deli (all of them, not just II): You are on my list. I would rather starve to death than eat one of your tainted hoagies.