Day at the races

Sunday was the Commerce Bank Triple Crown of Cycling in Manayunk, pa. Gabby was sick but I made her come anyway and we had an awesome time. The race was sick, BikesI want to be a pro cyclist so badly, too bad I got hit by a car Saturday and was in a lot of pain Sunday and yesterday. The race was epic, I met Don Pollock of 6abc. He’s my favourite news reporter, even more than Geraldo Rivera, who I am very fond of. The best part of Sunday however, was wearing my new hat Looks good doesn’t it. Also notice the camelback. I bought that a long time ago and finally got to use it. I stayed hydrated the whole time thanks to that pack. I’m not sure who ended up winning but I wish it was me. I’m going to enter the West Chester race on July 7th (note to self: register when you get home). I don’t think I’ll win but if I don’t get last I’m treating myself to a tattoo. I’m going to get a cog with the Philly skyline inside, I’ll make a gimp mock-up later. Bikes and Philly, two of my favourite things. Speaking of favourite things; I got to hang out with Zoe kevin’s daughter Sunday. Gabby and I met up with Kevin, Jamie, and Zoe Sunday. We hung out in Pretzel Parkimg_1467.jpgwith them for a while which was a lot of fun, I would post some photos of Kevin and Zoe but I don’t want to post pics of someone else’s kid without their permission, the internet is a dangerous place. I’ll post this instead, it’s almost as cute as Kevin and Zoe playing on the spinny thing. After Kevin and Jaime took Zoe home, Gabby and I got back on the train and went home where Gabby slept and I watched TV. Stargate SG-1 was on. I’ve never watched it before, it’s not very good, even for sci-fi.


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