Great install-fest!

Yesterday was finally the install-fest. After about a month and half of planning and getting prepared, the time finally came we were as ready as we could have been. We had some complications — note to MS: STOP BEING DICKS. MAKE YOUR FILE SYSTEM RESIZE EASIER. Kevin and I ran into quite a few problems resizing ntfs partitions but we managed to get them all solved. Jim brought some awesome Ubuntu bread. He has his baker’s bake loaves of bread in the shape of the Ubuntu logo, very nice Jim (did anyone get pictures of that?). We did about 20-30 installs, people were calling their friends to come and having a really good time, thanks to everyone who came out. I made a few friends and met a lot of very nice people.

After the install-fest I went down to the Phillies-Giants game. I’m not a baseball fan but Gabby’s family invited me and I had a blast! Her cousin Alex and family friend Joe and their families were all there and it was a blast. Joe is such a cute little kid. Earlier that day Gabby’s family with Alex and Joe went to the Philly Zoo, they had a lot to say about that. Alex’s face was painted like a tiger which got him and only him on the big screen, we all kind of think the camera man thought the facepaint was ketchup and mustard. It was kind of smudged after sweating all day.

Great day, thanks pennsylvania loco team and the Eisenhower clan for making this an awesome weekend.


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