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Busy busy weekend

May 21, 2007

This was such a busy weekend! It started out Friday, I saw Derek for the first time in a long while. He, Gabby, and I hung out. \After about 3 hours of hanging out at Derek’s we went to Gabby’s and watched Meet the Fockers, which as expected was not really that good. The end was the only good part. “But I saw meet the Fockers, the end sucked what are you talking about?” … How can you not love Owen Wilson?

hahaha Owen Wilson cracks me up. Just look at him, he’s awesome. Derek and I didn’t leave until about 3:00 am and when I got home I couldn’t find my camera, I started freaking out thinking it somehow got thrown out the window of my car or something terrible (remember that it’s 3am and I’m not 100% functional) so I headed back to Gabby’s to look for it. When I got there it was laying right on top of her, I guess it fell out of my pocket and she was dead asleep and didn’t even notice me go into her house, rustle around for my camera, take it off of her, kiss her goodnight, and leave. I finally got home and to bed at about 4am. My alarm went off at 9 to get up and get ready for the PACS meeting with the Ubuntu PA LoCo. THANKS A LOT GOOGLE MAPS. Google maps put me on the turnpike WEST to get to Hatboro, PA from where I live, Malvern, PA. For those of you who don’t know, Hatboro is east of Malvern. When I got to PACS I saw Jim Fisher with his Demo ubuntu pcs showing them off and talking to everyone like Jim does best. The presentation went really well, thanks to Joe Terranova of the NJ LoCo. Here are some pictures I took. (Pictures removed due to a certain Andrew Keyes). It was a lot of fun. The ride home was equally terrifying. for those of you who have never taken the Pennsylvania turnpike from the King of Prussia ramp, it’s 2 lanes, 80 mph, huge trucks, concrete barriers on either side, potholes, and to top it all off — it’s windy as hell. I was gripping the wheel so hard trying to make sure I had control over my car. Scary stuff that PA turnpike. Hard to believe that state that invented the turnpike has such a shitty one isn’t it. When I got home, I had a tuna sandwich. I’m not sure if Tuna is my favourite food or not. It’s definately up there. It’s a toss up between tuna and avacado. I can eat either one everyday without getting sick of it, it tastes just as good each day. That night Gabby came over. I don’t remember what we did the whole time honestly. We played wii and had fun but I feel like there was more than that. I can’t recall what it was. Maybe it was nothing I honestly don’t remember at all. Whatever it was I’m sure it was fun. It always is with Gabby. Finally sunday rolled around. A very good day. I woke up in the morning and had to go to my grandmother’s house to help her get her computer set up. She had some hardware issues and the computer has been at Circuit city for a month. Don’t take your PC to firedog; they’re completely incompetant. I told them what was wrong with it, I gave them a very indepth description of what the problem was, what I did to test the problem, and what they needed to do yet it took them 2 weeks to do … anything at all. Then when they finally ordered the part they needed they refused to leave a message on my answering machine, they just called every day and hung up. ARE YOU RETARDED? Seriously, don’t take your computer there. I got home and I was supposed to rototill, but I managed to weasel my way out of it. …What actually happened was my mom wanted me to clean my room from moving back in for the summer. Since I got home from college I hadn’t unpacked a single thing. I did it all today though. What I also did today, which was the best part of the whole day; was finish converting the AMAZING Specialized M-2 Kevin Valentine from the LoCo gave me from a multi-speed to a singlespeed. IT’S GREAT. It still needs some work, the hub slips (I think the bearing just need cleaned) and the seat post is stuck but once I get those two kinks worked out it’s going to be such a good ride. I cannot thank him enough for giving me that bike. So Kevin; here it is again. Thanks. That was my busy weekend. I left out tons including an indepth description of PACS. If you’re looking for one check out Both Lyz and Jim posted entries detailing the event. It’s time for me to start getting ready for bed, tomorrow I go back out to fight the good fight against closed-source proprietary software.